What do you need for collection of goods?

Company name
Full address
Postal code and city
Business hours (including the days that you are open)
Contact person
Contact person’s phone
Contact person’s e-mail

Shipment reference
Indicate how the consignor will recognize the shipment (i.e. packing number, invoice number or any another reference that we can connect to the collection process). If possible, please indicate additional contact persons and contact phone numbers.
Information about shipment
Commodity description
Dimensions and weight for each transport pc

Please ensure that you will provide the right address for collection. Usually, the supplier has a separate address for their office and their warehouse. Before making an order, please ensure that the supplier is ready to release the goods (payments etc.).

For a shipment with a final destination in Russia
Please note: if the end consignor is in Russia, we often collect the goods first at our consolidation warehouse in Finland. If you are going to issue the export declaration by yourself or through your local forwarder, please indicate the exit point FI542300 (Nuijamaa).