Transport service

Air freight from Finland

We offer delivery by air from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. We are IATA-CASS member, At the moment we can offer air freight from Finland to 1000 destinations. We cooperate with more than 70 airlines and GSAs. An online price calculation tool is coming soon. Until then, please contact us at

Remember that we can always ask the airlines for a special price if a shipment is over 1000 kg. You can also get a quote by e-mail if you prefer to do it this way. Please contact us to ensure that the dimensions and maximum weight/pc fit airline requirements.

Transport service inside Finland

We offer transport service with our fleet and collaborating with our partners. We have possibility to deliver goods for next day to almost cities. We collect daily shipment from Helsinki-Vantaa airport and we can to delivery from a Big Helsinki area same day and to send to you by air. For your very important shipments we can offer direct delivery by van or by track. Our vans have also gps-tracking and sealing possibility. We can also deliver under T1-status

Transport service to Russia

We deliver part shipment to customs bonded terminals in St.Peterburg. We also offer full trucks to St.Peterburg and another cities and express deliveries by van. Also transport service to Kazakhstan

DDP Deliveries to Russia

Russian customs legislation does know a term “DDP”, a situation then export pays customs duties and vat for importer. Russian customs authorities also don't accept “DDP less VAT”, a situation then export pays import duties but importer pays vat. .

Europe transport service

Transport service from Europe. We can collect your goods from every country in Europe and deliver to Finland. We can also collect your shipment from Finnish supplier and to send it best possible way to you. Also under t1-status and excise goods.