We have bought goods from American company and their Italian supplier has sent the goods to your consolidation warehouse in Finland with a final destination in Russia.

You have bought goods from the American company without VAT. The American company has bought goods without VAT from their Italian supplier. The Italian supplier has sold goods without VAT and needs confirmation that the goods passed the EU border. To accomplish this, the Italian supplier has to indicate the following on the invoice for the buyer: American company, for final delivery address - final consignee in Russia. The export declaration should be made based on the Italian exporter’s invoice.
Many companies in Switzerland can be in the same situation. But please note: some European countries are registered as VAT responsible. This means that it is possible that the company and goods in question are considered to be intra-community supply. Our tax specialist will ensure that the export participants understand the export sales policy and make sure that no part of the supply chain will be in trouble with local tax or customs authorities.