About alcoholic beverages

With a final destination in Finland

From EU countries
For individuals - no (customs authority policy)
For business - no (we do not have excise warehouse rights)

From non EU countries - only for business customers
Please contact us first. We have to ensure that your customer understands imports expenses. We can also deliver alcoholic beverages to a business consignor’s used excise warehouse.

With a final destination in Russia
If you are sending from an EU country, you can only send alcoholic beverages to our terminals under proper export procedure (with export declaration based on excise declaration).

Because of customs authority policy, please note that we cannot receive alcoholic beverages without the proper export procedure, even if you are sending it to an individual person.

From Finland to your country
In Finland we have well-known alcohol brands and many small brands that are not widely known in the world. We ship alcoholic beverages and we would be happy if you trust us with your delivery.

We can offer:
• direct delivery by road
• consolidation delivery by road
• consolidation delivery by sea
• full container transport by sea
• transport by AIR

We can attach your country’s excise marks if necessary or we can attach other labels on the boxes or bottles. We can repack your shipment in better carton boxes if needed.
We can take care of the necessary export documents for your Finnish supplier.